Experience Counts
The founders of Redwood Refrigeration have over 30 years experience in the refrigeration industry, spanning design, service and installations in both industrial and commercial settings. We specialize in winery refrigeration and cooling services, process cooling and cold storage applications. We provide consulting engineering and installation service, but will focus mainly on service, troubleshooting, emphasize preventative and predictive maintenance, and ensuring reliability by providing factory and in-house trained staff with fully equipped service vehicles to meet your needs.

About Dan Kelly
Dan was born and raised in San Francisco and attended college in Maryland where he earned a BS in Marine Engineering. He started his refrigeration career at the age of 13 in a family operated business. He had his first service truck at 16 and, after graduating college, sailed as an Engineering Officer in the United States Merchant Marine about half the year, and returned to the family refrigeration business the other half. After leaving his maritime career and the family business closing, he worked for about 5 years in industrial refrigeration contracting in the North Bay area and, ultimately, landed in the mechanical design and contracting division of a Fortune 500 company as Chief Engineer and ultimately as Director of Plant Operations/Design and Construction responsible for up to 200 staff and budgets in the 10’s of millions of dollars. After some 17 years in the corporate "hot seat", Dan decided to take advantage of an early retirement offer and return to the North Bay and re-connect with the industrial refrigeration industry where he started.

Redwood Refrigeration Winery Systems, Cold Storage, Process Cooling
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